About Us

A Collaborative Team Energized by Challenging Electrical Projects

Led by an experienced and respectful management team, Centre Electrical Group completes high-profile commercial and industrial projects with a focus on quality workmanship and dedicated service.

Where We Came From

A trusted team with a reputation for providing best-in-class service.

Centre Electrical Group began in 1997, as a two-person electrical contractor that exclusively serviced the Harbour Centre building in downtown Vancouver, BC. Recognized as the first building in Vancouver to receive fibre optic cabling, the Harbour Centre quickly became a tech hub that attracted tenants who required sophisticated, reliable, and high-performance electrical and communications solutions. Centre Electrical Group expanded both in size and service offerings to accommodate this demand from the Harbour Centre tenants.

As the city of Vancouver began to expand into the world-class city it is today, so did the tenants of the Harbour Centre building. Having established respectful and collaborative relationships while proving exceptional workmanship on challenging electrical and communications systems, we were given the opportunity to work on new construction projects for many of the Harbour Centre’s high-profile tenants. This allowed Centre Electrical Group to expand further in size, service offerings, and territory, to become the design-build, end-to-end electrical contractor across the BC Lower Mainland we are known as today.

Who We Are Today

Driven by creative design-build projects and sophisticated end-to-end electrical construction solutions.

With a team of 85+ experienced employees that service the entire BC Lower Mainland, we specialize in challenging design-build and electrical construction projects within the commercial and industrial sectors. Having earned the trust of many of the industry’s top builders, businesses, and innovators, we’re brought in early to work on creative projects throughout the design and pre-construction stage, while installing all high-performance electrical, communications, and security system solutions throughout the construction stage.

And remaining true to our roots as a long-standing electrical service contractor, we remain involved in all design-build and electrical construction projects we complete with our ongoing service and preventative maintenance program, building relationships that lead to more creative projects and rewarding opportunities.

Our Leadership Team

Promoting a respectful and goal-oriented team environment.

Led by an experienced management team that all carry a background of working in the electrical field, we understand the importance of a positive, respectful, and goal-oriented team environment in order to complete complex electrical construction projects.

We actively pursue creative and rewarding design-build commercial and industrial projects that consistently challenge us to expand our skillset, while ensuring every team member is put in a position to succeed and deliver quality workmanship in every electrical, communications, and security system we complete.

Join Our Growing Team

We are always interested in adding experienced and like-minded professionals
to our collaborative, respectful, and high-energy team.